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Closed for Memorial Day

Honoring our nation's heroes this Memorial Day, we will be closed Monday, May 27th and will reopen on Tuesday.


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Misalignment > 5°
Misalignment < 5°
Lateral Misalignment > 0.10 in.
Withstand Shock Loads
Vibration Damping
High Speed
High Torque
High Ambient Temp.
Clean Room Env.
Stepper Motors
Reversing Drives
Maintenance Required
Vacuum Env. (No Lube)
Electrically Insulated


BellowsProvide ideal solution where shafts are angularily and laterally misaligned.
Zero AdjustableThese couplings have an adjustable hub for zeroing syncros and other similar devices.
FlexibleGood for situations when you have got to isolate vibration, absorb shock loads or electrically insulate.
OldhamAn oil impregnated center block of bronze or nylon eliminates metal-to-metal contact from taking place between hubs. Use in high-torque applications.
Wafer SpringFor highest torque applications (up to 8º of angular and .03 inches of lateral misalignment).
Universal LateralNot only will these couplings provide electrical insulation, but they can handle up to 10º angular and .05 inches of lateral misalignment.
Multi-JawInterlocking teeth permit precision coupling/decoupling with limited transmission error.
Universal JointWhen there is up to 30º of angular misalignment, this coupling is the recommeded choice.
Molded Universal JointWorking angles up to 30º are no problem when you use these couplings.
Sleeve CouplingUse with coupling shafts of similar or dissimilar diameters. (inch to inch, mm to mm, or inch to mm)
Flexible Zero CouplingThese couplings work well in high accuracy systems. One-piece construction with high torsional stiffness, constant velocity, and very low wind up.
Flexible KAn excellent choice for use in abrasive dust environments and where maximum flexibility is required.
Spider CouplingsThese provide high torque transmission without backlash or vibration due to the use of a chemically resistant and electrical isolating elastomer insert.

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