Precision Ball Slides

Precision Ball Slides assemblies are used as guides and supports in various applications providing low friction and high accuracy for precise, linear, uniform movement. The wide range of sizes and load carrying capabilities enables the designer or engineer to select the appropriate ball slide for the particular application. Ball slides are used in many applications, such as assembly fixtures, packaging machinery, medical and optical instruments, computer disk drives and printers, copiers and other precision equipment.

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The slides low friction is due to the hardened steel balls rolling between ground hardened rods, providing low starting and rolling friction for moving light and heavy loads. The high accuracy is attributed to the aluminum bodies having flat, smooth top and bottom surfaces. Riding parallel to the line of motion, they provide straight line accuracy to .0005" per inch of travel. The assembled units are preloaded to prevent side play and backlash and to ensure positional repeatability to .0002" to maintain precise, uniform, linear movement.

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