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PIC Design manufacturers fine pitch, precision split hub gears in both inch and metric dimensions. In our catalog, you’ll find inch and metric split hub spur gears in a variety of common sizes, many of which are available from stock.  If you do not see a gear in the catalog that meets the requirements of your application, please contact us about manufacturing a custom split hub spur gear. We manufacture stainless steel split hub spur gears as well as aluminum and bronze gears to fit your needs.


Suitable for a wide range of products, the following standard split hub spur gear specifications define our catalog inch selection:

  • Material: 303 stainless steel or 2024-T4 aluminum; anodized before gear cutting
  • Pressure Angle: 20° pressure angle
  • Quality Level: AGMA Q10 to Q14
  • Standard Diametral Pitch: 24, 32, 48, 64, 72, and 96 pitch
  • Standard Split Hub Gear Face Width: 1/8”
  • Bores: 1/8”, 3/16”, and 1/4”


Our metric split hub gears offering includes gears manufactured to:

  • Module: .25, .3, .4, .5, .8, and 1.0mm
  • Metric Split Hub Gear Face Width: 3.18mm
  • Metric Bores: 3, 4, and 6mm



One end of the split hub is slotted along axial planes usually 90° apart so it may be attached to a shaft using a standard hub clamp to make the connection.  This design is easier to assemble and disassemble than pin-hub spur gears.  The split hub or clamp hub gear does not damage or weaken the shaft and makes it easy to adjust the gear's position on the shaft.  When using a gear of this type the designer must remember to take into consideration that the split hub spur gear takes up more space, introduces an extra part in the clamp, addition weight, and moments of inertia.  The primary advantage of using a split hub spur gear is that it allows for ease of installation and removal for applications that are limited in space or require frequent maintenance.  PIC Design stocks a variety of clamps that are designed to secure split hub gears to their mating shafts.  As you explore our website look for our L1, L4, L5, and L6 series clamps.

If you have any questions regarding the selection of the proper split hub gear/clamp combination, do not hesitate to use the “Contact Us” form or feel free to give us a call.

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