Helical Gears

PIC manufactures helical gears for use in a variety of industries including aerospace and military instrumentation, medical, dental, oil and gas, robotics, optical and industrial controls. Some applications within these industries include precision positioning, rotational drive encoders and other similar light-duty applications. Our precision helical gears meet the latest AGMA/ISO specifications, up to the equivalent of AGMA Q14 per AGMA 390.03.

We offer a variety of standard aluminum and stainless-steel helical gears to choose from. We are also able to manufacture custom helical gears to fit your unique needs. We can produce custom gears with non-standard pressure angles, pitches and materials. We can also provide any helix angle up to 45 degrees for right or left hand.  The following specifications define our standard selection and routine customization options in either right- or left-handed Helical Gears:

  • Diametral Pitch - 48 & 64
  • Helical Angle: 45°
  • Bores: 1/8”, 3/16”, & 1/4”
  • Face Width: 1/8” & 3/16”
  • Standard Material Options: 303 Stainless Steel, 2024 Aluminum
    Other material options available.

When it comes to your gear needs, work with the helical gear manufacturer that has over 65 years of experience: PIC Design.   

What are Helical Gears?

Helical gears have teeth which are cut at an angle to the axis of rotation. This helix angle can be up to 45 degrees and can be left- or right-handed. As the helix angle increases, so does the thickness of the teeth. Helical gears produce smoother mesh than spur gears, so they’re often used to reduce gear noise. Since helical gears have thicker teeth, they’re also stronger than the corresponding spur gear, allowing them to transmit more torque. Helical gears produce end thrust on the mounting shafts and often require the use of thrust bearings.

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