Anti-Backlash Gears

Anti-Backlash Gears

PIC Design manufactures precision anti-backlash gears used for precision positioning, rotational drives for encoders and other similar light-duty applications. PIC offers several styles of anti-backlash gears including anti-backlash miter gears, anti-backlash spur gears and anti-backlash worm wheels. We can manufacture these gears to meet the latest AGMA/ISO specifications up to the equivalent of AGMA Q12 per AGMA 390.03.

Standard Anti-Backlash Options

We offer a variety of standard anti-backlash gears for you to choose from along with a variety of routine customization options. The specifications for these gears include:

  • Pressure Angle:  20°
  • Diametral Pitch: 24 to 96
  • Bores:  1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4"
  • Ratio:  1:1
  • Standard Material Options:  Anti-Backlash Gear - 303 stainless; Mating Gear – 303 stainless or 2024-T4 Aluminum (Anodized before cutting)

Our anti-backlash gear manufacturing capabilities serve a variety of industries including aerospace and military instrumentation, medical, dental, oil and gas exploration, robotics, optical and industrial controls.


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Custom Anti-Backlash Gear Capabilities

For our custom anti-backlash gears, we have the capability to provide the following:

  • Non-Standard Pressure Angles
  • Non-Standard Materials
  • Non-Standard Finishes/Plating
  • Modified Bores
  • Sectoring
  • Face- and Cross-Holes
  • Milled Features
  • Assemblies (Cluster Gears)

When it comes to your gear needs, work with the anti-backlash gear manufacturer that has over 65 years of experience: PIC Design.

What are Anti-Backlash Gears?

Anti-backlash gears are an assembly consisting of 2 gears mounted face-to-face on a common hub. The fixed gear is permanently attached to the hub of the assembly. The floating gear is free to rotate on the hub but is attached to the fixed gear by springs. When meshing an anti-backlash gear with a standard gear, the floating gear must be “pre-loaded” so it’s under spring tension. The tension will absorb backlash in the gear until the torque transmitted by the gear mesh overcomes the spring tension imparted to the floating gear.

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