Gear Design Made Easier with the Help of Our Online Calculators

Gear Design Made Easier with the Help of Our Online Calculators

Designing a gear for a particular use is no simple task. It’s a process that requires several steps, elements and calculations. Thankfully, there are tools out there such as our online calculators that can be used to help save time and increase the accuracy of gear specification. Our tools will help you calculate gear backlash, dimensions and strength. Today, we’ll take a quick look at the gear design process, and see how our handy calculators can assist you.

What Type of Gear Do You Need?

When designing a gear train, the first step is to figure our what type of gear you need. This is determined by the configuration of the mechanical components within the assembly. You must first decide if the motion is being transmitted between parallel shafts or cross shafts that intersect (bevel gear) or cross non-intersecting (worm gear). So, to determine if it will be spur, bevel, or worm and wheel, you must determine where the power is coming from and where it is going.

How Much Torque?

Once the configuration is decided, the next step is to figure out the amount of torque you will be transmitting. Also, are you looking to increase or decrease speed? If increasing speed, then your driver needs to be larger than your driven gear, the opposite of this holds true as well. Further, when increasing speed, you will be decreasing torque. As you could guess, decreasing speed increases torque.

Material Selection

Once you have this all figured out, then it’s time for material selection. The material you choose will be primarily determined based on its strength. This is where our Gear Strength Calculator comes in. It allows you to enter variables such as the gear’s face width, diametral pitch, number of teeth. It then gives you to select various material types. Once these are punched in, it will determine the static torque. You can then adjust any of the variables, including material type, to see how static torque is impacted.


How Many Teeth?

Once you have the strength, you can go to our Gear Dimensions/Proportion Calculator. This will help you determine how many teeth are going to fit in between your shafts, or your 90° worm driver, etc. It allows you to enter three variables: pitch/module, number of pinion teeth, and number of gear teeth. Once calculated, it shows several inch and millimeter calculations for a dozen features, from pinion pitch diameter and gear pitch, through standard clearance and tooth thickness. Then you can figure out your ratio and number of teeth in the gears.


Finally, you have our Backlash Calculator which allows you to calculate backlash base on standard pitch diameter sizes and thickness that you enter from the proportion calc. It will determine the results based on the number of teeth and pressure angle of the gear teeth that you enter. All of which can be changed to see how each variable affects the backlash.


Need Help with Your Design?

Our calculators will provide all gear data necessary to help you select the right gear for your project. In addition, the PIC Design Applications and Product Engineering team is ready to help you from your initial design to your last replacement interval.  Our years of experience allow us to help you select the best part for your application, and provide you the information you need to optimize your system life.  Contact PIC today for help with your gear design!


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