Linear Stages

Linear Stages

Positioning Stages

PIC's industrial grade tables provide solutions for indexing when the accuracy of a scientific stage is not needed. Mounting holes on the base and carriage are located for easy assembly into XY and XYZ configurations.

Rotary Table

Not currently available

System 3

Made up of our standard components, this configuration is popular as a foundation for custom linear assemblies. It is made up of two linear bearings mounted in housings, assembled on a shaft and support rail.

System 9

This is a complete linear positioning system, available with or without bellows covers. It is a modular, pre-assembled product, with 4 linear bearings mounted in housings attached to a table, supported by two parallel shafts mounted to a base plate. A centrally mounted lead screw and coupling provide the driving force. System 9 is well suited for vertical applications.

System 9 with Bellows Covers


System 10

Available with or without bellows covers, this system is similar to System 9, only the linear shafting is fully supported along its length by a contoured base. System 10 is ideal for applications that require greater travel.

System 10 with Bellows Covers