Miter Gears, Bevel Gears and Gearsets

Miter Gears, Bevel Gears, and Gearsets

With the expertise that comes with over 50 years of business experience, PIC Design manufactures and distributes miter gears, bevel gears, and gearsets while ensuring compatibility with our customers’ applications and parts. We are happy to assess customer-supplied designs. We can also assist in standard product selection. As a value-added service, we assemble gears and components when required.

What are the miter gear, bevel gear, and gearset specification ranges?

With multiple size, ratio, and quality options, PIC Design will confidently meet your miter gear, bevel gear, and gearset speed and torque requirements. Ratio and pitch selection can sometimes be complicated, so we are pleased to offer our expertise on all aspects of your order. Specifications include:

Diametral Pitch - 48, 64, 72
Bore - 1/8’’ to ¼’’
Quality Level - AGMA Q10, Q12
Ratio - 1:1 to 1:4
Pitch Diameter - .5’’ to 2.5’’

What Types of miter gears, bevel gears, and gearsets do you offer?

Featuring anti-backlash miter gears for high precision applications, we also offer bevel gear assemblies to facilitate implementation.

We feature two material options for all miter gears, bevel gears, and gearsets: 2024 aluminum and 303 stainless steel.

What are typical miter gear, bevel gear, and gearset applications?

Both custom and standard miter gears, bevel gears, and gearsets can be found in industries ranging from research and inspection to defense and manufacturing. Other industries, functions, and products include:

Control Systems (Sensor Drives) - Encoders, Potentiometers
Quality/Inspection (Optics Adjustment, Part position) - Microscopes, Comparators
Manufacturing - Small Table Drives
Defense - Targeting Systems
Research/Quality - Gauges, Dials

Our customer service track-record and high-quality output make us an attractive option for customers from all industries. Please contact us with the details of your project to discuss how we can accommodate you.

Gear Assmblies Product Offerings

Whether the need is to transfer motion or transmit power, PIC Design has the complete range of gearing to fulfill any application requirement. Standard gears and assemblies are available for operation on parallel and right-angle shafts, with gear racks for linear motion applications.

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>> Anti-Backlash

Two independent gears mounted to the same hub with a spring between the two providing a constant full-tooth engagement with the mating spur gear, thereby eliminating backlash in the mesh. Available as Spur, Worm and Miter Gears.

>> Cluster

Two or more spur gears attached to each other, resulting in a one piece, multiple gear part. Available as spur gears with extra gear provisions in different locations.

>> Helical

Designed with a 45° Helix angle to operate on parallel or right angle shafts.

>> Hubs and Blanks

Several hub styles are available to join with your hub-less gears for shaft attachment. Gear blanks have the outside dimensions of a finished gear but no gear teeth machined in.

>> Bevel Gears

Designed and manufactured to operate on intersecting shafts positioned at a right angle.

>> Pinion Shafts

Gears machined on the ends of shafts, providing multiple mounting and driving options.

>> Precision Gear Rack

Gear teeth oriented along a straight line, providing rotary to linear movement when meshed with a circular spur gear.

>> Spiral

A set of gears designed to operate at right angles without the input shaft intersecting the output shaft.

>> Standard Spur Gears

Designed and manufactured to mount on parallel shafts, adhering to the Inch system (by Diameteral Pitch)

>> Metric Spur Gears

Designed and manufactured to mount on parallel shafts, adhering to the Metric system (by Module)

>> Worm and Wheel

High ratios attainable in a single reduction using non-intersecting, right angle shafts.