Gear Racks and Pinions

Gear Racks and Pinions

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of mechanical parts, PIC Design features a broad selection of gear rack mechanisms, and corresponding pinions. We specialize in manufacturing custom gear rack designs, custom pinions, and will gladly modify and add features to our standard parts. We’re committed to ensuring your projects are done accurately, efficiently, and on budget.

What types of gear racks and pinions do you offer?

Featuring helical racks for the smoothest operation, we also carry a number of other gear rack and pinion varieties to suit your requirements. These include:

  • Rectangular Gear Racks
  • Round Gear Racks
  • Fine Pitch Racks
  • Ground Gear Racks

For compatibility with different materials and applications, PIC Design offers several material options for gear racks and pinions, including:

  • 416 Stainless Steel
  • 2024 Aluminum
  • Delrin

What gear rack and pinion sizes and specifications do you offer?

In addition to our selection of different gear rack and pinion types, we have extensive dimensional and tolerance ranges to meet your project’s needs. Specifications include:

Diametral Pitch - 24 to 120
Face Width - 1/8’’ to .230’’
Tooth to Tooth Error - .0002’’ to .0005’’
Standard Length -
3’’ to 18’’
Height - .115’’ to .480’’

What are typical gear rack and pinion applications?

Serving industries as diverse as medical, research, manufacturing, and furniture building, the common thread that joins our gear rack and pinion offerings is our commitment to quality, precision, and selection. The list of industries and applications below showcases the wide range of our expertise and our capacity to produce high-quality parts. Industries, functions, and products include:

Research/Quality - Level/Depth Gauges, Dials
Quality/Inspection (Optics Adjustment, Part position) - Microscopes, Comparators
Medical Linear (Adjustment/Holding) - Retractors, spreaders
Control Systems - Linear Position, Actuators
Manufacturing - Rapid Adjustment, Height Adjust.
Furniture (Folding/Retracting) - Trays, Shelves, Seats.

Gear Rack & Pinion Product Offerings

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